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Cannon Pendant Lampshade
Diffused, focused, color-corrected, domestic/hospitality lighting

Si-Huis Cannon Lampshade. Aluminum, steel, borosilicate glass

Si-Huis Cannon Pendant Lampshade, photographed solely by the light of Si-Huis-designed in-house studio lighting. The lampshade is designed to hang from existing ceiling-mounted pendant fixtures that are already fitted for a standard Edison screw/bayonet light bulb. It is made of hand-polished, anodized aluminum, borosilicate glass, and military spec. steel pins. Si-Huis recommends the Philips Hue bulb, with unlimited color combinations, controllable on any iPhone, iPod or iPad. In conjunction with traditional incendescent bulbs with heated filaments, the lampshade easily dissipates excess heat due to the inherent thermal qualities of aluminum and borosilicate glass.

There are two borosilicate glass filter stages, both of which have two layers of glass; one stage in the middle, and one at the bottom. Diffusion and color gels can be sandwiched in between the glass filters at either stage, changing not only the color, but the level of diffusion and focus. Depending on which stage is diffused (whether upper, or lower, one, or both) the lampshade is capable of producing either a soft wide area light, or a narrow diffused beam, or ‘spotlight.’ There is no light leakage from the top of the lightshade, and therefore all the light is emiited from the underneath of the lamp where it is needed. The lampshade can be installed and uninstalled in seconds.